UKDE Global Strategy Conference — “IN DATA WE TRUST”


The UKDE Global Strategy Conference titled “IN DATA WE TRUST”, co-organised by CBBC UK-China Trade Association and UKDE was held on 20th September 2018 at London and Partners, 2 More London Riverside. Speakers included representatives from the Chinese Embassy, UK Department of International Trade (DIT), The British Technology Council (TechUK) and University College London (UCL).

Junsong Wu, UKDE CEO, introduced the vision and strategic plan of the company to the audience. The main product from UKDE, is, a currency exchange platform, which opened its trial operation on 20th Sept 2018. Under the compliance and regulatory framework of the UK government, UKEX provides direct access and transaction services between fiat currency (USD/EUR/GBP) and digital currency. In addition, through the service of digital currency offline payment business, this will narrow the gap between blockchain technology and daily life.

At the end of the press conference, UKDE signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Canadian listed company, Cascadia Blockchain Group (listing code: CK). The two parties will conduct in-depth discussion regarding cooperation on various resources such as talent, technology and capital.

Furthermore, UKDE CEO Junsong Wu invited blockchain organisations, the media, and all other related parties to jointly promote a healthy development of the blockchain industry under a legal framework.

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