UKDE met with Delegates of Chongqing Dazu District People’s Government

On 2018 October 22, the UKDE representatives met with Dazu District Executive Vice District Mayor, Yiyuan Su, five other representatives from Chongqing Dazu District People’s Governments, and a representative of Manchester entrepreneurs, at the 39th floor of One Canada Square, Canary Wharf.

At the beginning of the meeting, Junsong Wu – the CEO of UKDE gave a brief introduction about the background of UKDE. Firstly, he introduced the company’s main products – the UKEX trading platform and the upcoming new product wallet application. Then the CEO also shared some achievements and plans of UKDE regarding the aspects of education and venture capital. Junsong Wu expressed the hope that through UKDE’s own development, it will realize mutual help, cooperation and improve with other blockchain companies or high-tech industries. Yiyuan Su also expressed his approval of this idea.

Subsequently, UKDE CEO Wu Junsong led the representatives of the Dazu District People’s Government and entrepreneur to visit Level 39, the most innovative business incubator for financial technology companies.

Yiyuan Su gave a brief introduction to the economy, culture, geography, transportation and education of Dazu District. He said that Dazu District, as an important transportation hub connecting Western Chongqing and Eastern Sichuan, can become an important foothold for overseas companies to enter the Chinese market and bring greater development returns. The two sides also conducted in-depth discussions on industrial parks and education issues. Meanwhile, representatives of the Dazu District People’s Government gave UKDE handbooks about the introduction of Dazu District investment guide.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of the two sides exchanged business cards and took photos.

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