UKDE, Exploring for Digital Estonia — Day 2

Foreword: UKDE digital exploring delegation started their tour in Estonia yesterday. On the first day, delegates explored the Estonian Banking System and Estonia Investment Authority, which laid out the structure of UKDE’s European digital payment system and proposed to participate in the upgrade of the world’s first national blockchain government management system.


On 31st October 2018, The global Bitcoin Day, Tallinn, -2 ºC, Cloudy.


Third stop:Estonia Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA)


Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (FSA) is a financial regulator with the autonomous ability and independent budgets in Estonia. UKDE delegates and FSA representatives discussed the requirements and procedures for obtaining a full local financial supervision license. FSA gave a detailed introduction of Estonia’s financial regulatory policies, expressing that it will open a “green channel” for UKDE since it already holds a UK financial regulatory license. It is particularly worth mentioning that FSA will fully cooperate with Estonian financial companies that UKDE invested in. Using its global resources, UKDE hopes to spread Estonian digital finance policies to the world. (Is this what you were trying to say ?!)


Fourth stop: World’s first national blockchain project “E-Residency”

The “E-Residency” project launched by the Estonian government in 2014, was opened to the world in 2015. The representative of the “E-Residency” project general headquarters explained that the project is supported by blockchain technology and is a pass-card for an electronic citizen. “E-Residency” plans to create an open and transparent European market environment for

entrepreneurs. This will be supplemented by Estonian business environment characteristics such as low tax, low cost, and complete advanced e-commerce government system which help enterprises achieve faster processes of landing, development, and growth in Estonia. In the subsequent communication process, Representative of “E-Residency” also showed the electronic citizen pass-card entity to the UKDE delegation. UKDE delegates affirmed a great milestone-

style contribution of “E-Residency” to digital Estonia and expressed that UKDE will use its own global talent and technical resources to contribute to the continued development of this project.

To find out more, stay tuned for UKDE delegation’s exploring journey of digital Estonia!

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