UKDE, Exploring for Digital Estonia — Day 3

Foreword: On the second day, UKDE delegates explored the Financial Supervision Authority and the “E-Residency” project headquarters, where they drew a blueprint for the UKDE Estonia branch to obtain a full local financial supervision license, and use “E-Residency” while emphasizing a willingness to contribute to project development.

Fifth Stop: Enterprise Estonia (EAS) seminar

On 1st November UKDE participated in a seminar titled“Exporting Services to China: Opportunities from Logistic to Blockchain”. The event took place in Tallinn Hotel Metropol.

In the seminar, Mr. Guoyu Du, Chief Risk Officer (CRO) of UKDE, delivered a speech entitled “Digital finance & Blockchain services in China”. He introduced UKDE as a UK company offering exceptional services under FCA regulation (holding EMI and SPI licenses), whilst incorporating and adhering to GDPR regulation compliance.  He explained that one of the competitive advantages of UKDE is the partnership with debit card issuers for EEA. Currently, UKDE not only offers USD, Euro and Sterling accounts, but also Fiat/Crypto Exchange & Wallet APP. Currently, UKDE is well on course to become a global digital financial service provider integrating blockchain technology services, digital asset trading services, digital financial settlement services, and venture investment. Aside from these services, UKDE also offers BFA, Blockchain Education Services Platform and BVMALL, Blockchain Venture Capital Investment.

Subsequently, he shared some of the budding issues, achievement results and entry barriers of UKDE’s export services to China. To conclude, Mr. Guoyu Du mentioned that the establishment of UKDE’s Estonia branch will give The company the opportunity to actively obtain industry information and obtain greater support from the Estonian local resource network.

To find out more, stay tuned for UKDE delegation’s exploring journey of digital Estonia!

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