UKDE, Exploring for Digital Estonia — Day 4

Foreword: On the third day, at the invitation of Enterprise Estonia (EAS) UKDE attended a seminar and explored the opportunity to export services in China from logistics to blockchain industry with various guests. The Chief Risk Officer (CRO) Guoyu Du took the stage to give a keynote speech entitled “Digital Finance and blockchain service in China” and demonstrated the development of UKDE.

On November 2nd, the capital city Tallinn turned cloudy, 5 ℃.

Sixth stop: Join hands with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

UKDE delegation listened to PWC representatives’ professional explanations on the three areas of auditing standards of Token assets, digital asset transaction settlement and blockchain financial compliance. Based on the fact that UKDE already holds the EMI license in the UK, delegates also expressed their own views and judgments on the status of blockchain financial compliance and digital asset transaction.

The two sides reached a consensus that the traditional financial audit system is evolving toward the digital financial audit system. It is inevitable that the single-point organization audit will change to distributed information. The digital world needs products from global blockchain financial service institutions such as UKDE, and there needs to be more credit checking from global auditors such as PWC.

During the conversation, PwC representatives showed a strong interest in UKDE’s planning and digital financial products, and displayed hopes to establish multi-dimensional cooperation with the UKDE Group through the PwC global professional team. UKDE delegates also expressed the wish that through in-depth cooperation between the two parties, they can improve the company’s financial services and customer experience.

For more information about UKDE’s global digital visit, please stay tuned…

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