UKDE- Meeting with Cardiff Business School to discuss establishment of Blockchain Research Centre

On November 9th, UKDE met with the Head of the Cardiff University Business School, to explore the possibility of opening a Blockchain Research Centre in Wales.

The UKDE blockchain education initiative has begun course design and training programme framework preparation which it hopes to implement in the Blockchain Research Centre in Cardiff, and start to deliver relevant services from the spring of 2019.

UKDE-Cardiff Blockchain Centre is the start of a global initiative by UKDE to contribute to and develop blockchain learning and implementation worldwide. The Group plans to reach an agreement with universities in the UK, USA, China, Germany, Canada and Switzerland to establish a global education blockchain system. This will be achieved by creating blockchain-focused credits as part of existing degree subjects, or even entire blockchain degree programmes. UKDE education initiative will combine Internet knowledge sharing, university case studies and business practice incubation to promote the popularisation of blockchain knowledge and the interest of young talents in the industry, on a global scale.

Mr. Du Guoyu, Head of Education Department of UKDE Group, said that UKDE will provide a large-scale open, online and secure blockchain technical education data for educational institutions in combination with its digital industry community, digital cross-border payment and venture capital investment system. In addition, he also expressed support for the integration of blockchain technology into the education system, also known as the ‘education chain’. UKDE will break through the geographical physical limitations and theoretical system limitations of traditional university education through the popularization of the education chain, and realize knowledge sharing, value creation and theoretical iteration on the chain.

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