Stories From The Frontier, from Ideas to Reality Event

UKDE has seen a crucial change this month and decided to depart from the lofty heights and eye watering splendor of Canary Wharf and find a new home in Liverpool Street. Amongst the congregation of modern buildings, full of glass, metal, well thought out working environments with easy access to one of London’s major transport hubs – the smart offices many companies would be proud to call home; UKDE found their home at Cocoon Global.

With aims to integrate into the fintech community, UKDE attended C4DR’s event, “Stories from the Frontier, from Ideas to Reality”. C4DR (The Centre for Digital Revolution), a company focused on creating a hub composed of blockchain, big data, AI, IOT and robotic focused companies.

The event, held at the Cocoon Building saw C4DR launch their new brand name, Frontier, followed by talks focusing on innovation and tokenisation.

Tokenisation is an area which has been gaining a steady gathering of interest over the year, with ideas that blockchain technology can help make the process easier to enact and secure, and since the possibility extends to the likes of physical assets, it’s a fertile area for development and an opportunity for tokenisation companies in attendance, Active Ledger, D-Works and 20|30 to make their case for their vision of the industry.

Speakers at the event included Eric Van Der Kleij, Jules Ratcliffe and Nick Searle from the hosting company, C4DR; Rob Gaskell of 2030; Professor Yu Xiong of Northumbria University and Chairman of UKDE; Alain Falys of Keybox; Toby Lewis of Novum and Manjula Lee of World Wide Generation.

Speaking about tokenisation, Rob Gaskell, CEO of 20|30, spoke of illiquid assets being able to be tokenised being a game changer. The finance industry recognises this, which is why 20|30 has been invited by the FCA to work on creating a framework for cryptoassets. Whilst the thought of regulation will be seen as being against the foundations blockchain was built upon, the reality is that there’s an argument for the providing the benefit of long-term stability.

L-R: Eric Van Der Kleij, Rob Gaskell, Veronica Mihai Das, Alain Falys, Omaid Hiwaizi

In Novum Insight’s 2019 report, released at the event finds that security tokens companies have had a large uptake in Europe over the past few years, homing 64 companies to North America’s 59. With the use of the application, there’s a belief that security token has the potential to act as a gateway to corporate adoption on a mass scale.

Blockchain has many different applications to expand on and directions to grow. What emerges from this cocoon as it develops and matures has scope to revolutionise multiple industries, rather than become nothing more than another idea with aspirations it could never live up to. At UKDE, this an area we plan to explore in the future, in order to give our customers even more as part of our service.

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