UKDE participated in the International Finance Expo Invited by UK Department For International Trade

London, November 11, 2019

2019 China International Finance Exhibition / Shenzhen International Finance Expo (Finance Expo) was held in Shenzhen from November 4th to 6th. UKDE, a London-based financial technology company, was invited by the UK Department for International Trade to create the first and only national pavilion with ten leading UK financial institutions and British government agencies.

With the theme of “Technology facilitates innovation, Opening advances reform, and Development benefits to people’s livelihood”, the Finance Expo has become the display and trading platform for latest technology products and services, the release and transformation platform for financial technology achievements, and the cooperation and communication platform for financial services.

Based in London, UKDE grasps the frontier dynamics of financial technology development and masters the core resources of financial service licenses. Through the exhibition halls of the UK Pavilion, UKDE created extensive contacts and discussed blockchain, technology supervision, cross-border payment settlement, trading finance and other topics with professional visitors and industry leading enterprises.

At noon, the UK financial technology company UKDE was invited by the UK Department for International Trade to participate in the VIP luncheon which was hosted by Jo Hawley (Songya He), the Consul-General for the United Kingdom in Guangzhou, and Kunal Khatri ( Kainan Cui), the Minister Counsellor of the British Embassy in Beijing, the director of Financial and Professional Services in UK Department for International Trade.

During the speech, Consul-General Songya He and Minister Kainan Cui welcomed British financial companies to actively participate in business opportunities in Shenzhen and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, integrating advanced financial technology with vast markets and laying out South China.

The world leading financial organisations, like Standard Chartered Bank and Zhitong Accounting Firm, and financial unicorn companies, including Greenhill Capital and OakNorth, participated in the VIP luncheon.

On the afternoon of 4th November, the UK financial technology company UKDE was invited by the UK Department for International Trade to participate in the Technology Finance Development Forum with the theme of “Digital Drive and Bay Area Innovation Cooperation”, sharing innovative insights with global peers.

Jo Hawley (Songya He), the British Consul-General in Guangzhou, delivered a keynote speech for the forum. Representatives from ICBC, Pudong Silicon Valley Bank, Ant Financial and other institutions shared opinions on different topics like financial technology innovation and digital financial empowerment, etc.

UKDE fully communicated with participating companies during the Technology Finance Development Forum, sharing experiences in providing digital currency distribution services in the UK and other EEA countries, as well as the experiences in developing and promoting blockchain-driven digital currency wallet——UKEX Pay.

UKEX is affiliated with UKDE, the London-based financial technology company, withdrawal, transaction and payment settlement services to global users. Also, UKEX has cooperated with the card issuer Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay to open personal accounts and debit cards online, aiming to link digital currency in real time.

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