UKDE participated in the Gibraltar Week, London

——A new future for compliance

London, November 15, 2019

Gibraltar Week London, hosted by HM Government of Gibraltar, was held at Level 39, the Sandbox Room which is situated at one Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London from November 5th to 7th. UKDE representatives were invited to attend the Finance Luncheon and the DLT reception, during which they discussed with delegates in-depth and sought opportunities for further corporation.

Gibraltar’s DLT Regulation was launched in January 2018, which is the world’s first dedicated regulatory framework for blockchain or DLT companies. At the beginning of the DLT reception, Albert Isola, Minister for Digital and Financial Services of HM Government of Gibraltar, delivered an opening speech and gave a brief introduction of Kerry Blight, who is the recently appointed CEO of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Minister Isola stated that Gibraltar has been strongly encouraging and supporting the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain business under a clear regulatory process. Currently, there are 13 licensed companies in Gibraltar. Also, a growing number of outstanding companies and start-ups choose to work in Gibraltar under its’ regulatory framework.

As an emerging fin-tech company, UKDE has been adhering to the business philosophy of legal operations and conducting AML and KYC compliance reviews to ensure users’ personal information is secure and their assets are from legitimate sources. Through this event, UKDE representatives introduced the company’s regulatory status and future compliance plans to Minister Isola. The two sides reached a consensus and agreed that following-up cooperation could be considered.

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