UKDE co-hosts the launching ceremony of Global Council for Blockchain Application and Governance

London, December 10, 2019

The launching ceremony of Global Council for Blockchain Application and Governance with MAGNA CARTA BLOCKCHAIN FORUM initiated by the member of the British Parliament Lord Tim Clement-Jones and sponsored by the British fintech company UKDE Ltd was successfully held on 9th December. This event focuses on strengthening professional research and cooperation on blockchain technology from the technical specifications and innovation level, realizing the full integration of Chinese and British resources, and building an international interactive platform for the top Chinese and British blockchain representatives. As the only blockchain fintech company on the spot, UKDE representative demonstrated the digital currency payment platform.

This event invites the Lord Holmes of Richmond to analyse how blockchain can achieve sustainable development. After that, Charles Kerrigan, partner of CMS Law Firm, and Sanu De Lima, deputy director of the Corporate Governance Department of the British Government, explained the importance of blockchain compliance supervision and environmental protection opportunities respectively. During the event, Professor Xiong Yu, representative of UKDE and Magna Carta Island International Innovation Centre, analysed the similar characteristics of blockchain and the British Grand Charter and the importance of expanding cooperation in the future. Subsequently, UKDE representatives fully communicated with participating companies during the feast, sharing experiences in providing digital currency distribution services in the UK and other EEA countries.

UKDE Limited, a london-based financial technology company, is committed to provide secure, convenient and efficient blockchain digital financial services on a global scale. UKDE is authorized to use the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) electronic money licence (EMI), with which it can provide fiat and digital assets access, transaction and payment settlement services to users worldwide. Also, UKDE cooperates with global card issuers Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay allowing users to open personal fund accounts and debit cards online.


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