UKDE connects to China Central Television Spring Festival Gala in real time through 5G technology

London, January 28, 2020– New Year’s Eve on January 24th, British local time, representatives of UKDE’s London headquarters used 5G network technology for the first time in the world to achieve low latency and high-definition connection to the China Central Television Spring Festival Gala. The head of UKDE and the employees were interviewed by China Media Group (CMG) on the spot in London, which opens a new era of Sino-British technology connection.

Professor Yu Xiong, UKDE co-chairman, indicated during the interview with CMG that, driven by the transfer of advanced technology, Chinese and British technology companies have a broad space for market cooperation.

Also, James McDonald, UKDE Marketing Director, said that the China Central Television Spring Festival Gala transmitted through the 5G network was very clear and smooth to watch in the UK, which shows the great advantages of advanced technology.

The 5G China Central Television Spring Festival Gala Live Connection event was hosted by China Media Group and Chinese Embassy in the UK. UKDE headquarters team and other senior executives of Chinese and British technology companies participated in this live-streaming event.

UKDE Limited, a London-based financial technology company, is committed to provide secure, convenient and efficient blockchain digital financial services on a global scale. Currently, UKDE owns a digital currency trading platform, UKEX; and UKEX Pay, a digital payment platform and has launched the digital currency debit card-UKEX Card. UKDE is authorized to use the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) electronic money license (EMI), with which it can provide fiat and digital assets access, transaction and payment settlement services to users worldwide. Also, UKDE cooperates with global card issuers Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay, allowing users to open personal fund accounts and debit cards online.

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