UKDE: Bridging the gap between traditional & digital finance

Business Account Service

Multi-currency business account service and debit card solutions

Digital Currency Payment Service

Our digital payment and settlement platform give users the ability to pay with crypto

Digital Asset Trading Platform

Our cryptocurrency exchange allows users to trade in a variety of digital currencies

Blockchain Fintech VC Investment

Industrial ecosystem for the stable development of blockchain related applications

At UKDE, our message is simple: we want to put our customers first. By using blockchain technology, we aim to create products which give you control. UKDE provides a new way of conducting finance through blockchain technology.

As a financial system, cryptocurrencies give users many advantages over traditional currencies; decentralisation, secure transactions, lower transaction fees, freedom from institutional manipulations and a global trading ecosystem


Online business account service and solutions to global business communities. Manage company assets with high flexibility, easily add funds via debit card or bank transfer. Multi-currency business debit cards included.

News and Events

  • UKDE connects to China Central Television Spring Festival Gala in real time through 5G technology

    London, January 28, 2020– New Year’s Eve on January 24th, British local time, representatives of UKDE’s London headquarters used 5G network technology for the first time in the world to achieve low latency and high-definition connection to the China Central Television Spring Festival Gala. The head of UKDE and the employees were interviewed by China

  • UKDE co-hosts the launching ceremony of Global Council for Blockchain Application and Governance

    London, December 10, 2019 The launching ceremony of Global Council for Blockchain Application and Governance with MAGNA CARTA BLOCKCHAIN FORUM initiated by the member of the British Parliament Lord Tim Clement-Jones and sponsored by the British fintech company UKDE Ltd was successfully held on 9th December. This event focuses on strengthening professional research and cooperation

  • Senior Banker Wang Xuebing Officially Joins UKDE

    London, December 06, 2019 UKDE Ltd, a London-based fintech company announced that Mr Wang Xuebing, a senior banker, has officially joined UKDE as chairman of UKDE Advisory Committee. Mr Wang Xuebing, the former alternate member of the CPC Central Committee, used to be President of Bank of China, President of China Construction Bank, Managing Director

  • UKDE participated in the Gibraltar Week London

    ——A new future for compliance London, November 15, 2019 Gibraltar Week London, hosted by HM Government of Gibraltar, was held at Level 39, the Sandbox Room which is situated at one Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London from November 5th to 7th. UKDE representatives were invited to attend the Finance Luncheon and the DLT reception, during