About UKDE

UKDE, a London-based fintech company.

UKDE LIMITED is a financial enterprise focused on emerging technologies and open banking services. Headquartered in London, funded by the UK Government. It is committed to opening the clearing system of global central banks, reconstructing cross-border financial infrastructure, and meeting the needs of enterprises and individuals in cross-border financial globalization.

It has obtained an MSB license from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Service (Fincen) of the United States Department of the Treasury for the provision of electronic money distribution services, transactions in digital and virtual currencies in the United States and other European Economic Area countries.

We provide foreign trade enterprises and individuals with multi-currency bank accounts, global receipt and payment, currency exchange, bank cards and other comprehensive services and solutions.

Our mission is to provide safer, lower cost and more convenient financial services.

Company History

December 2017
Founding team assembled
Raise initial capital of 1 million pounds

April 2018
UKDE Ltd. is incorporated in London

July 2018
Increased capital to £3 million

February 2019
Visa co-branded debit card approved by Visa
VISA cards are issued by UKDE to provide users with convenient and secure payment services, covering mainstream currencies around the world, as well as payment cards in GBP, USD or EUR.

May 2019
Invited to settle in Cocoon Global, the largest financial incubation center in Europe

June 2019
Increased capital to £10 million

July 2019
Visa Co-branded Debit Card Launched Worldwide on Magna Carta, UK

August 2019
Visited China with the Minister of International Trade of the United Kingdom, participated in the China (Chongqing) Smart Expo, and signed the trade and financial cooperation project as a key project

February 2020
UKDE passed the FCA compliance audit and obtained the EMD license

December 2020
Completed a new round of financing of 10 million pounds. The British Future Fund invested 5 million pounds in UKDE in this round, and the company’s valuation reached 100 million pounds.

March 2021
Open bank account product BAC launched

August 2021
Participated in the 3rd China Smart Expo, and signed a contract with Chongqing International Logistics Hub Park to establish a China-Europe cross-border financial service platform.

March 2022
Obtained distribution rights on behalf of an EMI institution, which regulated by FCA.

July 2022
UKDE visited Albania for cooperation and exploration with FINT products, which was the first national cooperation and exchange after product and service upgrading.

November 2022
UKDE passed the Fincen compliance audit and obtained the MSB digital currency business license in the United States.

The account funds are stored separately in Citibank in the United States, BC Bank in Germany, and BC Bank in the United Kingdom. To meet customer fund storage, payment and settlement and management requirements.