About UKDE

UKDE Limited –  a London-based financial technology group

We are a London-based fintech company (reg. number 11313452) focusing on digital finance and blockchain technology services. We aim at becoming a global fintech service leader integrating blockchain technology implementation, digital financial settlement and venture investment services.

Based in the City-of-London, the UKDE Ltd has been authorised as an EMD agent (No.902789) by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which gives permission to provide e-money distribution and payment services.

Company History

October 2017 Founding Team established

December 2017 R&D of product platform completed

February 2018 UKDE Ltd. was founded in city of London

April 2018 Set strategic cooperation with global payment facilitators

May 2018 Product platform in Beta test

June 2018 UKDE completed Seed Round, We have the backing and support of investors across the globe

February 2020 UKDE passed FCA compliance audit and obtained EMD license

July 2020 UKDE BAC was launched, announcing the European business account opening service