UK Exchange (UKEX)

Encrypted digital asset trading platform

Through legal tender settlement and payment, Token benefits consensus and digital community services,

the UK Exchange (UKEX) is devoted to establishing a diversified digital community platform that provides

encrypted digital customized services and digital asset financial services to individuals, communities and organizations.

Platform advantage

Legal currency settlement and payment system based on global payment facilitator network

The UK Exchange (UKEX) is established based on the regulatory requirements of the UK Government. It is being interconnecting with the global payment and settlement network global payment facilitator to realize the direct recharge in the bank accounts within the EU in US Dollar, Euro and Pound Sterling. In addition, according to the legal policies and requirements of countries around the world, it completes the deposit withdrawal in multiple currencies within certain limits, thus becoming a reliable bridge linking the legal currency assets and the encrypted digital assets.

One-stop community digital services based on the principle of consensus autonomy

The UK Exchange (UKEX) provides the “one-stop community digital services” to public communities and various institutions, and, according to specific requirements of different communities, providing community Token customized smart contracting services, community Token on-line testing services and P2P free trade services among the community members, thus realizing the efficient, convenient, low-cost and boundaryless circulation of community values. The blockchain technology realizes the global circulation of value appeals of more non-commercial communities, and makes more commercial communities share the Iterative dividends of the digital world.