Guoyu Du

Co-Founder & Risk Director

Without Mr. Du, UKDE may just have remained unnamed, unloved twinkle in the eye with no purpose and wasted potential. Like all good ideas, UKDE was born as a response to a problem – what a problem it was, and what a difficult one to solve.

British and Chinese relations mean a lot to Guoyu and he played a key part in developing and maintaining that relationship during his six years as the Chief Representative in Chongqing for the China-Britain Business Council.

UKDE isn’t Guoyu’s first turn at cryptocurrencies, being ahead of the curve, he founded China’s first cryptocurrency portal website “” in 2011, before selling it to fintech investors the following year.

Not satisfied with his success, he became a guest tutor at Chongqing Academy of Science & Technology and the External Advisor at the International Business School of Chongqing Technology and Business University.

The talented Mr. Du can also fluent in Chinese, English and Russian.